The Vineyards
Carro vacío

The vineyards at Finca Los Cerrillos are crossed by the Guadiana River. They are located beside the reservoir of Peñarroya, at an altitude of 695 meters, surrounded by hills that topographically delay the vegetative cycle avoiding the night high temperatures that favour very significantly the polyphenolic maturation of the grapes, and maintaining very low rainfall volumes and strong ventilation.

Soil is basically out of Limestone. The most important rock is marl, a mixture of clay and limestone unbound. Presents loam with pH around 8.

At the Estate Los Cerrillos, we have a continental Mediterranean climate, characterized by very warm summers and very cold winters, with temperature fluctuations that can sometimes reach 45 ° C in summer and -15º in winter, and with a wide temperature range both between day and night throughout the year, clear skies 80% of the year, that often exceeds 2500 hours of sunshine per year, with late frosts in spring time, forcing to install anti-frost systems, as one of the few operating in Spain and unique in Castilla La Mancha, to control strong spring frosts and in times of harvest control the morning dew to dry the vines.

Los Cerrillos differs significantly from the surrounding areas because of the proximity of the Guadiana river, its rainfall is well above the rest of Castilla la Mancha while the temperatures are not as extreme as those of the surrounding territories in the south and west. We can confirm that we have a difference of vintage with the rest of the area of ​​about 15 or 20 days of later harvest.

The processing techniques in which the grapes vinified are not pressed, consist in using only gravity techniques allowing us to obtain our famous "Free Run Wines",  obtaining a lower than normal yield in hl/ha that is between 62% and 68%. Wines are clarified naturally through different racking techniques.

The wines have medium intensity mineral influence, preserve the fruity or floral aromas very vivid and intense, even with the time. The y keep their intense colors and taste, being balanced and round.
Because of everything previously explained, our wines can reach levels of more than 14% Alcohol, that together with the adequate acidity level makes this alcohol level perfectly integrated.

Wines have a polyphenol content of up to 80, very aromatic and well colored, reaching 18 colour points as well as an anthocyanin content of up to 700.


Some photographs of the vineyards through different seasons

Sistema Antihelada
The vineyards in different seasons 
With Frost Protection System


The vineyards in different seasons
Spring time snow


The vineyards in different seasons
Tempranillo in Spring time.


 Cofinanciación Expediente AA-2017-13-000-078MOT

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 Como apoyo al proceso de Internacionalización


Cuya denominación social es LAGASCA 91 AGROINVEST, SL, ha desarrollado un plan de Promocion Internacional, en el marco de la convocatoria del IPEX cuya finalidad es favorecer la internacionalización del tejido empresarial y productivo regional, contribuyendo a incrementar y consolidar su presencia en los principales mercados internacionales.
Para llevar a cabo esta actuación, ha contado con el apoyo financiero de la Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, a traves del IPEX, asi como con la cofinanciación del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) en el marco del programa operativo 2014 - 2020, OT3 Conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo, habiendo contribuido al crecimiento económico de esta empresa, de Castilla-La Mancha y de España en su conjunto. 



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